Screening may be easier than you think
Colon cancer screening is the best way to prevent colon cancer, and there are multiple screening options available. Begin regular screening at age 50. If there is family history or other risk factors, screening should begin earlier. To learn more, talk to your provider or click here.
Free Cancer Prevention & Screening Night
Screening increases the chances of detecting certain cancers early, when they might be easier to treat. On March 19, learn about screening and prevention for these cancers: breast, colon, HPV, kidney, lung, melanoma and prostate. Also:
  • Tour the giant colon
  • Pick up a free colon cancer screening kit
  • Receive a free skin check screening
  • Take home a free radon test kit (quantities are limited)
  • Discover our top 12 recommendations for cancer prevention
  • Learn the benefits of healthful eating with a registered dietitian
  • Have your questions answered by health care professionals
For questions about this event, call 320-229-5199, ext. 70857.

See the March events calendar.

Learn about our Healing Series Support Group offered at CentraCare Health.
Free Drive-thru Colon Cancer Screening
Colon and rectal cancer are a leading cause of cancer death for men and women despite being one of the most preventable forms of cancer. You should begin regular screening at age 50 or sooner with family history of cancer or other risk factors. During Colon Cancer Awareness month (March), people who are age 50 or older can receive a free immunochemical fecal occult blood test (iFOBT) colon cancer screening kit from the drive-up window at CentraCare Pharmacy at St. Cloud Hospital, Coborn Cancer Center or Coborn Healing Center. Kits are limited and you must be present to pick up your kit. The iFOBT screening does not replace a colonoscopy, which is the best method to detect colorectal cancer.

For details, click here or call 320-229-5199, ext. 70857.  Print and complete the consent form, and drop it off at the CentraCare Pharmacy at St. Cloud Hospital or Coborn Cancer Center to receive your free kit.
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AI Beats Humans at Detecting Cervical Precancers

THURSDAY, Jan. 10, 2019 -- Many women in developing countries lack access to advanced screening for cervical cancer. But researchers say a new "AI" technique might help.

The technique relies on photos and computer artificial intelligence to identify changes that may lead to cervical cancer.

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