Is sneaking vegetables into your kids food a good idea?
Developing food acceptance skills is important. This skill supports an ever-increasing variety of foods that in turn, will support your child’s nutritional health. Children do rely on their parents to provide opportunities for learning by offering different foods, or even the same foods prepared in different ways — all foods, not just vegetables. Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian Jennifer Harris shares tips on how to encourage children to try new foods. Join us for our Feeding with Love and Good Sense Class at Lifestyle Health for more in-depth information, support and parent companionship.
See what you’ve been missing
Many vaping devices are easy to hide in plain sight and look strikingly similar to everyday items like flash drives or pens. Sauk Rapids-Rice High School Chemical Health Consultant Jennifer Kenning, LADC, discusses the dangers of electronic cigarette use and what you can do. Interested in raising the tobacco age to 21? Voice your support by sending a digital postcard to your elected officials.
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