A Guide to Encouraging Healthy Eating Habits in Your Kids
Clinical Dietitian Allison Doerfler, RDN, LD, CentraCare Clinic, shares tips to help make mealtimes positive, establish appropriate roles, resolve conflict over food and help your children feel secure and comfortable. Help your little one develop a positive relationship with food!
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Car Seat Safety Guide for Minnesota Winter Months
While it may seem appropriate to dress your baby in puffy snow gear to keep him or her warm during your commute, it’s not recommended and puts your child at risk.
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Do You Know the Common Sources of Lead Exposure Today?
Lead exposure has been a hot topic in the news lately. Do you know the common sources of lead exposure today?  Pediatrician Jessica Najarian-Bell, MD, explains how you can protect yourself and your family against lead exposure and its toxic effects.

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