What to do about toe walking
Five to 12 percent of children learn to walk using their toes — instead of their full foot. Persistent toe walking may make some skills more difficult and cause excessive falling. There are many possible reasons for toe walking. If this is a problem for your child, physical therapy sessions may be able to help. Review some exercises a physical therapist may recommend to help your child's walking improve.
Inspire a love of reading
It is never too early to read to your children. Reading to infants teaches the skills for listening, handling books and recognizing different sounds. The first few years of life are critical to brain development and can set the foundation for future success. See tips on how to make reading fun from Evan Dyce, APRN, CNP, Family Medicine, CentraCare Clinic – Big Lake.
A parent’s responsibility in children’s exercise
Exercise is important for children to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But it also plays a big role in child development. As parents, we need to encourage children to develop abilities and habits that will stay with them for a lifetime. Dustin Henkelman, exercise coach at Lifestyle Health, explores the division of responsibilities for parents and children.
Distracted driving — take part in the solution
Distracted driving takes the lives of nine people each day. Each life lost is an unfinished story that causes us all to wonder what that individual would have gone on to accomplish. Distracted driving isn't just a problem for others. Review some things you can do to make a commitment to driving safely.
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