Transform the way you feed your family
As a parent you know all about picky eaters, bad table manners and exhausting dinners. If meals have become a source of stress for your family, Lifestyle Health has the solution. Join Dietitian Jennifer Harris from 4-6 p.m. July 10 and discover common sense approaches to family meals. After Feeding with Love and Good Sense, your child will enjoy new foods, behave at the table and develop a healthy relationship with eating. Register today.
Determine a screen time plan
Summer vacation is underway in much of Central Minnesota. But even though kids now have more free time — that doesn’t mean they should be free to watch as much YouTube or play as much Minecraft as possible. Determine screen time rules and limits for each child, know what he or she is watching and talk about what is observed. Review our suggestions on how to develop a media plan for your family.
After recovering from heart failure, man finishes St. Cloud half marathon
Eight years ago, Bryant Bohlig was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. This past April, he completed a half marathon at CentraCare’s Earth Day Run in St. Cloud, and his pediatric cardiologist from CentraCare Heart & Vascular Center was waiting for him at the finish line. Watch his story.
How to talk to your child about obesity
Talking to a child about weight can be challenging. We want your child to have a healthy body and a healthy body image. Make sure you have the tools to discuss weight in a positive way. Learn how from Child & Adolescent Psychologist M. Kim Hellier, Behavioral Health Services, and Behavior Coach Lezli Tuttle, Lifestyle Health.
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