A Plan for Back-to-School Jitters
Whether you have a preschooler, kindergartner or an older child going to a new school, separation anxiety is common for many children this time of year. Get tips to help your family make a smooth transition at drop-off time from Pediatrician Denise Lenarz, MD, CentraCare – Plaza Clinic Pediatrics.
Helping Kids Develop Healthy Habits
Eating meals together. Talking with one another and turning off screens. Playing outside together. These aren’t just tips for helping you connect as a family. They are great ways to help your kids develop healthy lifestyles. Pediatrician Andrew Maloney, MD, talks about how fun plays a key part in the CentraCare Pediatric Weight Management Program. Read the article.
Warning Signs for Child’s Weight Gain
Have you noticed your child’s weight creeping up? Or do you just want to make sure that excess weight gain doesn’t happen? Pediatrician Andrew Maloney, MD, Pediatric Weight Management – Lifestyle Health, shares indications of weight concerns and how you can best help your child.
Reducing Food Waste in Schools (And Tips You Can Use at Home)
For two years, MN Green Corps member Alex Larson has worked with the Feeling Good MN team to tackle food waste in area schools. In his latest blog post, Alex shares more about how the team has partnered with area schools and offers 10 tips you can use at home to reduce food waste.
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Older Parents May Have Better Behaved Kids

WEDNESDAY, July 31, 2019 -- Many people wait until they're older to have children, and that decision can raise the risk of problems like infertility and genetic abnormalities. But new research suggests there may be at least one benefit to having children later in life.

The study found that kids with at least one older parent were less likely to be defiant rule-breakers or physically aggressive.

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