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Exercise is key to mental health
Many people exercise to improve their cardiovascular health and build muscle. But, did you know that moving more also has brain boosting benefits? Studies have shown the positive effects that physical activity can have on your mood, sleep, focus and anxiety. Learn how from Exercise Physiologist Michelle Lee, Lifestyle Health.
A parent’s responsibility in children’s exercise
Exercise is important for children to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But it also plays a big role in child development. As parents, we need to encourage children to develop abilities and habits that will stay with them for a lifetime. Dustin Henkelman, exercise coach at Lifestyle Health, explores the division of responsibilities for parents and children.
Advanced body analysis
Have you ever wondered how many calories you need to lose, gain or maintain weight? Knowing your body composition can help you set goals related to diet and exercise. Or, it can help you track progress for building muscle for your sport of choice. Learn more about the advanced body analysis packages at Lifestyle Health.
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