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Ask a dietitian
Do you have a nutrition question ranging from simple eating for wellness to meal planning to plant-based eating? Whatever your question, Lifestyle Health can tailor an appointment with a dietitian to meet your goals. View our topic ideas.
Infuse your water with fun
Did you know that cinnamon has anti-inflammatory properties? Try adding it to your water with a thinly sliced apple for a healthy and tasty drink. Water doesn’t have to be boring. Try these recipes from Registered Dietitian Kimberly Dodds-Thompson.
Water keeps your body in balance
More than 50 percent of your body weight is water. So how much do you need to drink every day? CentraCare Health Medical Director of Wellness Janet Handrigan, MD, explains why water is so important to your health and how much you need.
Lose weight — no drugs, tricks, supplements, gimmicks
Lose weight and gain a lifetime of health with the L.I.F.E (Lifestyle, Food & Exercise) Program, led by David Kroska, MD, CentraCare Clinic. The program is based on sound, scientific data proven to enhance health and prevent disease. No drugs, no tricks, no gimmicks, no supplements! Through your diet-to-health transformation, you’ll come to appreciate how flavorful good eating can be. Food sampling included! Register today.

“Kudos! Thank you for making this available to our community. Wish we had taken a course like this decades ago.” ~ Class participant
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