Women's Health

It’s a new day
Let CentraCare Weight Management partner with you to help you feel better, look better and live better! Our team of health coaches, dietitians and doctors will guide you to services tailored to your individual needs. No enrollment fees. Lifelong maintenance program. Contact CentraCare Weight Management at 320-240-2828 or cchweightmanagement@centracare.com.
Is your family ready to embark on a new journey to healthy living?
Come, join the fun and learn about healthy eating and physical activities that can enhance your child’s — and your entire family’s — well-being. Poor eating habits and too little movement at a young age can have long-term negative health effects that can carry into adulthood. Get details about the new Pediatric Weight Management program at CentraCare Health.
Body Aware: Women's Health Education
Urologist Elizabeth Phillips, MD; Physical Therapist Kris Lawrence and Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Joni Steffens will cover many topics related to sexual health including pelvic floor anatomy, sexual dysfunction, urinary and sexual health hormones and pelvic organ relapse. These experts will talk about treatment options including medications, surgical interventions and alternative care. This will be a casual evening with engaging questions and open conversations on important women’s health topics. Register today! Please call 320-654-3633 for details.
Begin your diet to health transformation!
What if you could lose weight and gain a lifetime of health without drugs, gimmicks or supplements? Discover how the L.I.F.E. Program can help you reduce or manage risk of chronic disease, improve health and transition to a whole food and plant-based diet. You’ll come to appreciate how flavorful good eating can be! View our short video and register for the Jan. 15 class, led by David Kroska, MD.
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