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Caring for an Upper Respiratory Infection (aka Common Cold)
We’re still in the thick of cold and flu season. Make sure you’re ready to care for yourself and your loved ones at home.

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Where He Needed to Be
Forty-year-old Elijah Stenman struggled to finish his shift as a catering associate. At the time, he didn't realize he was having a heart attack. Fortunately, familiar faces and the CentraCare Heart & Vascular Center were just footsteps away.

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Eat. Drink. And Be Mindful — Now Online!
Navigating a world full of fad diets, high pressure and fast food is exhausting. But this judgment-free course will give you the skills to take back control of your nutrition. Learn the seven skills of a mindful eater and discover a healthier, more satisfying way to approach mealtime. Presented by CentraCare Weight Management, this six-session, online class begins March 1. The class is limited to 10 people and fills extremely fast. Reserve your spot today!