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Bridging the Language Gap for Better Prenatal Care
CentraCare – Plaza Clinic Obstetrics & Women’s Health recently created a series of education videos for Somali women on the topic of gestational diabetes.

The three Somali-language videos focus on blood glucose testing, how to use an insulin pen and gestational diabetes meal plan basics. Click here to view.

This video project was done to empower, educate and improve health outcomes for mom and babies, and it was made possible thanks to community gifts to the CentraCare Foundation Diabetes Education Fund.

When women are able to keep blood sugars within a normal range when pregnant it:
  • Increases the likelihood of a vaginal birth
  • Reduces mom’s future risk of developing Type 2 diabetes
  • Decreases risk of preeclampsia or high blood pressure in pregnancy
  • Helps baby grow at a normal rate, decreasing the risk of complications at delivery
  • Reduces potential health problems for baby after delivery, such as low blood sugar levels or jaundice
  • Decreases the baby’s risk of developing obesity or diabetes in the future
“When expectant mothers are diagnosed with gestational diabetes, they receive a lot of information and it can be overwhelming, especially if you are non-English speaking,” said Debra Kunkel, RN, CentraCare – Plaza Clinic Obstetrics & Women’s Health. “Written materials are helpful but learning by seeing and hearing in your own language is best, especially if available wherever and whenever you need it.”

For more information, call 320-654-3630, ext. 70151.