Local Artist Pieces Life Back Together with Acupuncture
After 14 surgeries for a rare neurological disorder, Cal Davidson suffers from migraines, muscle spasms and pain. “I have so much metal and so many screws in me, if I go into a hardware store, they’d want to put me on a shelf,” Cal joked. When the pain prevented him from creating his mosaic sculptures, he looked for relief that would have lasting results. Read how acupuncture at Lifestyle Health has allowed Cal to focus on his art again.
Anxiety & Depression Coping Skills Therapy Group
Do you struggle with anxiety and depression? How could you improve the quality of your life? Join a skills-based therapy group that will help you:
  • Identify symptoms of mixed anxiety and depression
  • Cope with negative and painful emotions
  • Calm your anxious mind
  • Regulate dramatic mood shifts
  • Learn to soothe yourself
  • Increase energy and enthusiasm
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Easing Depression Can Bring Longer Life to People With Diabetes

WEDNESDAY, July 3, 2019 -- Treating depression may have an added benefit for people with diabetes -- longer life.

A large new study from Taiwan found that antidepressants cut the risk of dying during the study period by more than one-third for people with diabetes and depression.

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